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39NewsHD, “Voice of Overseas,” is dedicated to covering the stories and voices of Pakistanis living abroad. As the first Pakistani media outlet to prioritize the rights and needs of overseas Pakistanis, we are committed to delivering comprehensive and timely coverage of issues that matter to this community.

Our Vision

At 39NewsHD, our vision is to be the foremost platform where overseas Pakistanis can find news, information, and support. We aim to:

Champion Rights:

Advocate for the rights of Pakistanis abroad, ensuring their concerns are heard and addressed.

Inform and Educate:

Provide accurate and timely news coverage relevant to overseas Pakistanis, including policy changes, community events, and global news that impacts them.

Foster Community:

Build a strong, supportive network for Pakistanis living abroad, offering a sense of connection and belonging.

Offer Support:

Address the specific needs of overseas Pakistanis, including legal advice, employment opportunities, and cultural integration resources.

Website: 39NewsHD.com

Our website, 39NewsHD.com, is the hub for all our content. Here, visitors can find:

Latest News:

Up-to-date coverage of events impacting Pakistanis worldwide.

In-Depth Articles:

Detailed analyses and reports on issues affecting the overseas community.

Community Stories:

Personal stories and achievements of Pakistanis living abroad.

Resources and Guides:

Helpful information on legal rights, immigration, employment, and more.

YouTube Page: 39NewsHD

Our YouTube page is a dynamic platform where we share:

News Broadcasts: Regular news updates and reports.
Interviews: Conversations with influential figures and community leaders.
Special Features:Documentaries and special reports on significant issues.

Instagram Page: 39NewsHD

On Instagram, we connect with our audience through:

Visual Stories: Photos and videos showcasing events and personal stories.
Live Updates: Real-time updates on breaking news and events.
Engagement: Interactive posts to engage with our community and gather feedback.

Twitter: @39NewsHD

Our Twitter handle, @39NewsHD, serves as a quick news source where we:

Share Updates: Post timely news updates and headlines.
Engage with Followers: Respond to queries and comments from our audience.
Promote Content: Highlight our latest articles, videos, and features.

Commitment to Overseas Pakistanis

39NewsHD is more than a news outlet; it is a community resource dedicated to the well-being of overseas Pakistanis. We understand the unique challenges faced by those living away from home and strive to provide the support they need.

Through our various platforms, we ensure that the voices of overseas Pakistanis are heard and that their stories are told with accuracy and empathy. We remain steadfast in our mission to cover everything that overseas Pakistanis require, from news and information to support and advocacy.

Join us on 39NewsHD.com, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter as we continue to be the “Voice of Overseas” and work tirelessly to serve and support our community around the globe.